Hollywood is filled with gorgeous women, some of the ones we can’t get enough, for that same reason, establishing the booty of the day is truly essential. 

Some of these hot Latina stars have amazing backsides and people can’t miss out on them. There is definitely something special about latin women, not only do they have a sexy accent, a gorgeous skin and hot looks overall, but they all are truly displayed everywhere in the media and you simply can’t miss out on them. 

Nowadays, the world has seen so many Latina stars that it is often hard to keep tabs of which ones deserve major fame and more attention from their followers. Nevertheless, another feature that both men and women are looking out for is their rear ends. Women want to have an ass like a hot Latina woman, and men definitely want to know which actress, singer, or Latina model has truly the best rear end. Therefore, here are some of the top hot Latina stars with not only the best body, but the best booty as well.

Booty Of The Day: The Hottest Latin Celebrity Butts

1. Gisele Bundchen

Formerly known for her career in Victoria Secret, the supermodel is also known for being married to Tom Brady, the football pro, however the entire world will always know her for her alluring body and her Brazilian sexiness. She truly deserves to be in the booty of the day list without a doubt.

2. Eva Longoria

Long known for her role in the tv series, Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is one of those actresses that people can’t get out of their head. Despite her short height, she is also part of the hottest latinas list as she never fails to impress with her looks.

3. Adriana Lima

Who could ever forget this gorgeous Victoria Secret model. Not only does she have captivating eyes, but she has an amazing ass that a lot of women would die for. The Victoria Secret angel definitely works hard in order to get that toned body that everyone is so envious of, and she isn’t shy to show her stunning results.

4. Penelope Cruz

Another beautiful woman that deserves to be on the booty of the day list. The Oscar winning actress  is definitively known for her amazing roles in numerous movies, but also because of her hot body. No one can deny that this woman is perfect from head to toe.

5. Shakira

If there is a person that makes the list complete of the booty of the day, is Shakira. The beautiful singer is not only famous for her Colombian roots, but also because of the amazing way she shakes her booty in all of her music videos. She definitely has some amazing moves that make her behind stand out.

6. Salma Hayek

This beautiful Latina woman is also famously known for her successful career as an actress, model, entrepreneur, among other things. In addition, this beautiful Latina is known for having one of the best bodies in the entire globe.