The secret to Iggy azalea ass isn’t a secret anymore. What the Aussie rapper has claimed in an interview has the entire world shocked, as everyone once thought that her perfect booty was attributed to surgery. 

There is no secret among the public eye, that Iggy Azalea has one of the most perfect butts in the entire world. The Australian singer has even been recognized for her iconic booty, and people across the globe are constantly trying to imitate her. While a lot of people admire her for her singing career, it is no secret that a lot of women want to have Iggy azalea ass. Nevertheless, it has never been a secret to the public eye that this celebrity’s body goes through tough workouts, the way that other celebrities do, nevertheless, the secret to her perfect booty isn’t a secret anymore.

In a recent interview, Iggy Azalea answered the interviewer’s question, and probably the question that a lot of fans and spectators have, how is her booty so perfect and big?

Year after year, for those that have followed the singer’s career they have definitely noticed an evolution in Iggy Azalea ass. At the very beginning it was slightly noticeable, and now it has become one of the biggest butts in the internet. Nevertheless, the Aussie rapper has claimed that her butt evolution has nothing to do with surgery, so naturally this brought more questions than answers.

So what is the secret to her perfect booty?

In a recent interview, Iggy Azalea claimed that her perfect booty  was due to her horseback riding lessons. She is definitely obsessed with horseback riding and therefore, she performs this activity continuously. When the interviewer asked her how often she spent squatting in the horseback riding lessons, she claimed that at least 2 hours a day for 5 days a week she spent them on horse lessons. Not only does she enjoy this activity and work out, but she’s training for horseback riding competitions, and therefore this demands and requires even more effort and more training throughout the week.

Iggy Azalea Ass

While there are other workouts involved in the end result of all her looks, she has definitely attributed her ass to  horseback riding. While it is a demanding activity, it is true that the more she practices means that she spends more time squatting throughout the day. It demands a lot of precision, holding on to a horse, and that strength in the legs definitely goes to the booty. Iggy azalea ass is simply something a lot of women wish they could have.

There is no secret that everyone wants to have Iggy azalea ass and therefore, they should definitely try this trick if they have the opportunity.