Butts have definitely been having a popular moment nowadays, women want to have a massive Latina ass and men seem to go crazy over any woman that has a big butt.

The question is why? Why the sudden infatuation with the massive latina ass, why do men want it and why are they so attracted to it?There is truly a science that can explain all of these questions today. Researchers have shown that men are attracted to women with a curvier body, the ones that are more voluptuous and have some extra mass around their butts. 

Not only do men consider voluptuous women sexually attractive, but now women are being more comfortable with their bodies and re-defining the concept of what beauty used to be.

Skinny Women vs Curvy Women

There was a time that women were praised for being skinny, and all models where in the verge of anorexia or bulimia in order to fit into the runway, with those beauty standards back then, women would be discouraged with their regular shape of their bodies given that they couldn’t fit in the beauty box designed by society itself. 

Now, women are accepting the different body types, and so are men. Men like women who are confident given that they exude sexuality, and therefore, these women have come to terms with the fact that being a woman means being curvy and even having a big butt.

Why Men Are Attracted to the Massive Latina Ass

The beauty standards have been redefined and beautiful Latin women such as JLo and Salma Hayek have made a point that having a big but is attractive. This is why men seem more accepting now of women that have a massive butt, given that not only do they consider it sexually appealing, but it is also hot.