Every girl around the world is looking for the secret into getting a thick booty.

Not only do men consider this sexy but all women work hard at the gym in order to get a bigger booty. Being voluptuous is now a beauty trend, and women are starting to love their curves and their big assets, like their butts. Without mentioning that now, celebrities like Salma Hayek, JLo, and even the Kardashians have set a different beauty standard from what was considered before. 

For that reason, women have taken extreme measures in order to get a thick booty. Among these options has been trying butt enhancement creams in order to ensure that their butt can end up looking more toned and voluptuous. Here are some of the top picks in amazon. 

The Secret To A Thick Booty

Premium Bigger Butt Enhancement Cream

Premium Bigger Butt Enhancement Cream

This butt cream is used as a butt enhancer to get a thick booty, while at the same time it helps to moisturize the body. This product contains shea butter, cocoa butter, garcinia indica butter, among other ingredients. It is from the brand Honeydew which focuses on body sculpting, but lifting, and ultra hydration of the body.

Butt Enhancement & Enlargement Cream

From the brand Beauty Facial Extreme, this butt enhancement cream has proven itself to be effective for fuller hips and thighs. It helps to plump life and make more firm the women’s booty. While it is a natural enhancer, it is paraben free, which is an additional feature. This product has been clinically proven to enhance the area of the butt for a sexier look, as well as it helps to grow the but by 18% in size, without weight gain.

Butt Enhancement Cream

From the brand of Brouyoue, this paraben free cream is great for a firm and bigger buttock. This cream is not only natural, green safe, and done with no hormones, but the purpose of this product is to improve lipid metabolism in order to experience a firm butt. Not only do you have to use it for the ass, but you can also use it in other body parts such as calves, arms, thighs.

Hip Lift Up Cream

Definitely one of the top products in the market. This butt enhancement cream uses only natural ingredients and uses plant nourishing essence in order to promote muscle cell’s growth. It provides moisture in the skin so that the hip area can look smoother and softer and essentially you can have the curvy and thick booty you’ve always wanted.

Butt Enhancement System

Specially designed to tone, plump your butt into the shape that you desire it to be. This cream noticeably plumps your ass for you to have a more curvy body and a full figured derriere. This cream comes with a two step system, first a cream to apply on the butt, and then a complimentary massage roller to attain full results.