Most recently, Sofia Vergara shared a picture of her flawless skin all natural. In this photo you can see Sofia Vergara no makeup or no fancy outfit, just her as it is, and it got the entire world thinking, how does this amazing Latina do it?

Everybody that knows something about celebrities and Hollywood, is very aware of the name Sofia Vergara. This Colombian an American actress has definitely made a big impact on the screen because of her role in Modern Family. 

Not only is she an actress, but she is also known for being a model, and a beautiful woman. For the same reason a lot of Latina look up to her and they want to have her body, and her flawless skin. 

Sofia Vergara No Makeup Routine

Sofia Vergara No Makeup turned into a trend, the 48 year old actress couldn’t look better at the moment, not only does she give her fans a glimpse of her glamorous and lavish lifestyle, but she is very open and honest with the other side of her life, the natural side that doesn’t involve any touch-ups or luxury clothing.

After having posted numerous photos with no makeup, naturally the public started to question how she was able to maintain such a good skin regimen. To what the actress has answered on social media, she believes more in preventing damage then fixing it. 

Before she gets to a point where it is too late for her skin and she has to correct some errors or imperfections, she rather works on beauty and finds her skin with time.

She says that once you get a wrinkle or a sagging neck, then people have to look for Solutions right away, however she opted for a long time to work on herself in order to prevent this as much as possible. 

Not that she believes that aging is a beautiful process, she has expressed numerous times that she is proud of how she looks and her aging Evolution, however she has also expressed passion for skin care and self-care.

Soothing Products For Her Sensitive Skin

For years and years her skin would get super irritated on the television lamps every time she was recording, or doing a photoshoot. Now Sofia Vergara No Makeup

After a period of time she realized she had rosacea, which is known as a delicate skin condition and therefore she started taking care of her skin rapidly as soon as she found out that it was a problem.

Since then her skin has been flawless and the only recommendation is that you take care of your skin before it’s too late.